How to Use Free Beats to Promote Your Website

Giving away free beats sounds like you are just giving away money, but that is not necessarily true. Giving away a free beat is the same idea that makeup companies have when they give away free samples. It lets them use the product to test it out, use it in their everyday lives, and make a personal connection with it over time. The hopes are that the user will come back for more because they realize that they really enjoy using that product and want to use it full-time. There are three things to remember when giving out free beats.

Get Their Email

If you are going to give away free beats, you should get something in return. It is very easy these days to get an email program that collects users email addresses and auto sends them emails once they have confirmed their subscription. This is a great way to collect people who are already in love with your product and stay in touch with them. Relationships build trust and trust builds sales. Trust is the number one key to get people to buy from you. Stay in touch with these free beat customers. You never know when one of them might turn into a purchaser.

Facebook Likes

One great step that I have found in promoting my site is through Facebook likes. Whenever a user likes your page on Facebook, it shows up on their status. That’s free publicity just from a Facebook like. The trick is, when ever you send the email to the user with the free beat links In it, make that page a Facebook reveal tab. A Facebook reveal tab will only let users see the links if they like you Fan page. This is an easy way to get users to like your page without having to do anything but route them properly.

Making Sales

Getting client emails and Facebook likes are just a way of staying in contact with potential customers that already want you product. Getting them to trust you is the most important factor when selling beats. Make sure that you have a strong presence online and that you stay in contact with your people and send them emails regularly. Run specials and do contests to give your users interaction that will eventually build relationships. These relationships will turn into profit. Make sure that you put out new content on a regular basis and become an authority in your field.

Social Lockers

This is one of the newest tactics website owners online are using to increase their social media exposure. Basically, a social locker locks content until the user shares or likes the page. The good thing for you is people want your beats. Use that to your advantage. Use the social locker for your free beats. I get over 50 shares a day from people wanting my beats and they will share or like the page just to get them. The trick is to have a way for users to play the beats without being able to download them, that way you can lock them up until the user shares.

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